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Fast Fashion & Your Feet

Fast Fashion & Your Feet

While we’re into the fashion that supports running fast at Feetures, we’re not fans of fast fashion. What is fast fashion? It’s the mass production of cheap, low quality, disposable clothing for consumers eager to keep up with quickly changing trends. It’s a highly profitable model for clothing companies because of the sheer volume of clothing that they can sell. Sadly, the amount of waste generated by fast fashion is massively detrimental to the environment. If you’re concerned about the environmental impact of your wardrobe, read on to discover what you can do to dress sustainably.

Buy Higher Quality Clothing (And Buy Less!)

Every garment requires resources for production and transportation. The fewer garments you buy, the smaller your carbon footprint. Instead of buying poorly made clothing that will wear out after being worn a few times, choose higher quality garments that will last. You will pay more upfront for well made clothing, but not having to replace your clothes every week means that you may spend less over time. When it comes to your feet, choose Feetures’ for high-quality socks with a lifetime guarantee.

Watch Your Wash

The average household does an average of 400 loads of laundry per year. This requires about 16,000 gallons of water, as well as a large amount of energy to run the washer and dryer. To reduce the environmental impact of your washing, opt for a high efficiency washer. Use cold water if possible, and consider line drying your clothing instead of using a dryer. Avoiding the dryer will also help your clothing last longer, which will further reduce your environmental impact! If you want to wash your Feetures  socks in a more sustainable manner, wash them on cold, then lay flat to air dry.

Choose Sustainable Brands

There are many forward-thinking brands that work to minimize their environmental impact with mindful manufacturing, fair labor rights, and long-lasting clothing. At Feetures, we’ve developed a line of sustainable socks made from recycled bottles. Every step in our sourcing and manufacturing process was developed with sustainability in mind - we even package and ship our socks with recycled, degradable materials! We’re proud to join the growing group of brands who are rejecting the quick profit of fast fashion in favor of sustainable practices that will bring us closer to a better tomorrow.

Can a Better Tomorrow Begin with Your Sock Drawer?

More and more brands are embracing “slow fashion” to meet the needs of environmentally conscious consumers. By making small changes in the way you purchase and care for clothing, as well as supporting sustainable brands, you can help change the way fashion is done. At Feetures, we offer an alternative to low-quality, short-lived socks with sustainable socks that are engineered to last. We hope you’ll join us in making the world a better place – one pair at a time.

Check out our sustainable sock line and make a small contribution to environmental sustainability by ordering a pair today!

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