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What Type of Fibers Are Feetures Socks Made Of?

What Type of Fibers Are Feetures Socks Made Of?

At Feetures, our claim to fame is getting the perfect socks down to a science. We’ve put our heads together to come up with sock designs that fulfill our customers’ wide variety of needs, from everyday wear to high-intensity running, so it only makes sense to step beyond the perfect fit and also reevaluate the fibers we use to cushion your feet. As a result of this reevaluation, we decided to step up our use of two sustainable and environmentally friendly fibers: Repreve and TENCEL.

Real Sustainability With Repreve

Our sustainable sock line features yarn made from recycled plastic, called Repreve. The process takes plastic bottles and turns them into super soft sock material through a four-step process.

  1. Plastic bottles are sourced from recycling plants.
  2. The bottles are washed, chopped up, ground into finer particles, then melted down and cooled into plastic chips.
  3. The chips are then melted on lower heat to stretch them into filaments, forming into fibers we can weave.
  4. A spinning and texturization process turns the fibers into silky-soft yarn we then incorporate into our socks.

Once you put on a pair of our sustainable socks and experience their soft support, it’s hard to believe they were once plastic bottles! Each pair keeps 1.8 bottles out of the landfill while providing you with a more durable and comfortable wearing experience.

Teaming Up With TENCEL

Our other unbeatable sock fiber is called TENCEL. This fiber is made through natural processes from sustainably sourced wood and is among the most versatile materials available. TENCEL brings exceptional softness and stretch to the table, along with flexibility and durability. We weave TENCEL fibers together with wool in our Merino 10 collections for a game-changing upgrade to your average sock.

Between the softness and strength of our merino-TENCEL blend, you’ll never go back to your old socks again. The proprietary blend is ideal for any conditions, whether you’re hanging out cozily at home or hitting the mountain biking trails in wet weather, Merino 10’s breathability and moisture-wicking technology ensure your feet stay as dry and temperature-regulated as possible. 

Good for the Future, Good for Your Feet

Feetures is proud to be a forward-looking company that blends comfort and innovation with a commitment to our communities and our world. The fibers we use in Feetures socks reflect our dedication to improving sustainability in every way we can while providing unmatched quality products to our customers.

Try a pair of our sustainable Repreve or TENCEL-woven socks to see how what’s good for your feet is great for the environment. 

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