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Long vs. No-Show & Ankle Socks for Running

Long vs. No-Show & Ankle Socks for Running

A good sock is a good sock. But that doesn’t stop runners from debating the merits of their favorite cut. Two of the most popular are long and no-show, and fans have ardent arguments for why each deserves the top spot. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these well-loved styles.

Long Socks for Running

This cut has consistently been a go-to option for runners. So much so that it has taken on an old-school reputation as a throwback style. The longer length typically comes in a crew (about 6 to 8 inches) and calf (ending just below the knee) cut. The calf is mainly used in compression socks, providing graduated compression along the entire calf muscle.

One of their biggest benefits is that long socks prevent sweat from running down your leg into your shoe, making them a more popular pick for sweatier runners. Some might also find the extra fabric’s warmth a benefit during colder months. And if you’re into trail running, long socks are a smart pick given their additional protection from scratches and splashes.

As for cons, longer socks can cause some runners to overheat, while others are annoyed by slipping fabric that won’t stay up (although the latter is not an issue Feetures wearers need to deal with). And if you’re not into the old-school style we talked about earlier, they may not be the most fashionable choice for modern runners.

No-Show & Ankle Socks for Running

As the name implies, no-show socks as well as ankle socks are designed to have a low profile that is either completely hidden under your shoe or just barely peeks out. This provides a sleeker look that women runners in particular have embraced. A great choice for summer runs, the shorter cut keeps your legs cool.

On the flip side, they provide little protection from cold air in the winter or rocks and brush out on the trail. But perhaps the biggest con associated with no-show socks is they can slip off the heel and into the shoe, causing problematic rubbing and eventual blisters. Of course, a high-quality sock like Feetures’ High Performance Ultra-Light No Show Tab provides a snug fit that eliminates this kind of movement.

Anti-slip features are important for many runners, as is arch support. No-show socks have improved in this area in recent years, providing more cushion while still maintaining a sleek look.

Which Do You Prefer?

Whether you prefer long or short, retro or modern, Feetures has you covered. We put our heart and soul into the engineering of our socks, creating a custom-like fit for our customers no matter what style you love. Not sure which side of the debate you come down on? Take our sock finder quiz and then try a pair for yourself risk-free thanks to our lifetime guarantee.

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