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Guide to a Minimalist Sock Drawer

Guide to a Minimalist Sock Drawer

Minimalism is all about making your life simpler. Physically, that means getting rid of all the extra possessions that don’t add value to your life. Many people find that decluttering their home has a positive effect on their mood and productivity. If you’re seeking the peace of mind that comes with a minimalist lifestyle, perhaps you’ve already gotten rid of much of your unnecessary clutter. Congrats – that’s no easy feat! But then, you open your sock drawer, and… uh oh.

We Know All About Your Secret Sock Stash

There they are. Your treasure trove of socks from years gone by--the cheap thin dress socks you don’t use because they slide down in your shoes all day; the whimsical unicorn socks your friend got you that you’ll never actually wear; wads of worn-out running socks that you stopped wearing as they got thinner; and 5 to 15 lone socks who have lost their sole mate (get it?) and now exist as bitter sock hermits, cluttering up your drawer. And your sock drawer, by the way, is so stuffed that it’s difficult to close. That’s right, we know your secret: every time you put your clean clothes away, you shove the few socks you actually wear on top and then perform a Herculean feat of strength to compress the entire mass of sock-shame enough to force the drawer closed. It’s stressful, isn’t it?

There IS Hope for Sock Simplicity!

Why not apply the same minimalist principles that have the visible areas of your house so clean and clutter-free to your sock drawer? It will be easier to find the socks you actually want to wear, and easier to open and close your drawer. Plus, you’ll lighten your mental load by not having to feel ashamed of your sock storage habits! At Feetures, we recommend two essential principles for sock drawer peace:

Principle 1: The 90/90 Rule

The first step to achieving sock drawer nirvana is to follow the 90/90 rule of influential minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus: “Have you used that item in the last 90 days? If you haven’t, will you use it in the next 90? If not, then it’s okay to let go.”

Examine each pair of socks in your sock drawer and be brutal. The only exception should be weather specific socks: if you’re clearing it out in the dead of summer, don’t throw away those Merino wool socks for cold-weather workouts! As for all those lonely socks, throw them out if they’ve been single for longer than a couple of weeks – if you haven’t found their partner by then, you most likely never will.

Principle 2: Quality Over Quantity

One reason most of us have overstuffed sock drawers is that we buy low-quality socks that don’t perform well and don’t feel good to wear. After a few frustrating, blister-inducing sessions, many people leave those socks in the drawer, favoring the few socks that don’t cause discomfort. Or perhaps your socks wear out too quickly, prompting you to buy new pairs on a regular basis. Whatever the reason, these socks are the main culprits in clogging up our sock drawers.

How can you fix this? Follow principle one, then invest in some high-quality socks from Feetures. All of our socks are engineered to last and come with a lifetime guarantee. They may involve a higher upfront investment, but this will significantly cut down on your future sock-buying. Instead of a drawer stuffed with low-quality socks that don’t meet your needs, you can live with far fewer Feetures socks for years.

The Added Benefits of Simplifying your Sock Drawer With Feetures

Aside from having an easier time putting laundry away and adhering to a minimalist lifestyle, filling your sock drawer with Feetures has some extra benefits. Our socks are engineered for function and comfort, so your feet will thank you! They never slide down, don’t bunch at the toe, and have no irritating seams. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps your feet dry and prevents blisters, while targeted compression provides support in just the right spots for happy feet.

An Feetures-only sock drawer is also better for the environment. Not only will you be cutting down on waste by buying and discarding fewer socks, you can choose your new socks from our sustainable line, made entirely from recycled bottles. These environmentally friendly socks come in a variety of sizes, colors, cushion levels, and styles designed for men, women, and youth, so there’s no limit to the possibilities!

Neat Sock Drawer + High Quality Socks = Happiness

By following the principles above and investing in high quality socks from Feetures, you can feel good about living a minimalist lifestyle, all the way down to your sock-clad feet. It will be easier to find your socks in the morning, and you’ll no longer have to use any upper body strength to close your sock drawer. Plus, you’ll be able to feel good about your socks and enjoy the many foot-friendly benefits of our durable and comfortable products. That sounds like a win-win situation to us!

Ready for sock drawer simplicity? Take our sock finder quiz to discover the perfect Feetures socks to fill your drawer with high-quality, sustainable comfort!

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