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Introducing the Socks That Save the Planet

Introducing the Socks That Save the Planet

We’ll admit it – we’re sock nerds. And we’re positively obsessed with finding new, more eco-friendly ways to engineer the world’s favorite sock. And this time? Our Sock Scientists outdid themselves.

We proudly present the Feetures Sustainable Sock line.

These socks are comfortable. They’re durable. As far as style – they’d be at home in any boutique running store in the country. And they’re made entirely from plastic. The math is simple. Two plastic bottles = one pair of ethically created and sustainably imagined socks.

Socks made from plastic? How?!

Wondering how we have achieved the ultimate in sock comfort and sustainability. Here’s how it all works:

1. We visit our favorite recycling plants and source viable bottles.

2. These bottles are then processed in our super secret sock lab, where they’re chopped, ground, washed, melted, and reformulated into “chips.” (Okay, it’s not so secret… that’s just how it’s done.)

3. The chips are then melted into liquid and formed into long filaments that can be woven.

4. We take these filaments and turn them into Repreve, the world’s leading recycled fiber.

How soft are these socks?

We are confident that if we hadn’t told you that our socks were bottles in a past life, you never would have figured it out. But don’t take our word for it. Have a look at what Sara G., a verified buyer of our Elite Max Cushion sock, had to say:

“The best socks ever. They DO NOT slip down off my heel. Not even once all day. They are cushiony and so wonderfully comfortable. I love love them.”

Thanks, Sarah. You’re a true G.

Do these socks come in different colors or am I stuck with “Bottle Gray” & “Plastic White”?

Saving the planet doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. Our sustainable socks come in a variety of aptly named colors and patterns, including:

  • Ai Aqua
  • Night Vision
  • Polychrome Pink
  • Purple Nitro
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Oatmeal

Are Feetures’ sustainable socks meant for everyone?

Yes. Our sustainable sock collection comes in a variety of sizes, colors, cushion levels, and styles designed for men, women, and youth.

Are you an elite athlete (or a sometimes jogger) looking for a reliable workout sock? We got you. Got a new pair of sweet Keds but don’t want to look like a dork with socks to the ankles? Take a look. Does your business casual wardrobe need a little striped or argyle flair? Come on down, Tiger. Lounging for days? Save some couch space for us and these socks.  

Basically, if you’re a human with feet who cares about the planet, these socks are just waiting to fit perfectly into your life (and over your toes). Browse the full collection here and take our sock finder quiz to discover the perfect sustainable Feetures for you!

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