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What Are the Best Socks for Mud Runs?

What Are the Best Socks for Mud Runs?

If you like spending time outdoors, are a fan of obstacle courses, and aren’t afraid to get a little (okay, a lot) dirty, a mud run could be the perfect summer activity. Mud runs grow in popularity every year, and they aren’t just for fitness fanatics — people of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy mud runs.

What Is a Mud Run?

In short, a mud run is an outdoor obstacle course that, you guessed it, involves a lot of mud. Participants run down muddy trails, swim through muddy water, crawl through mud pits, and slip down mudslides. Other obstacles require strength and stamina, such as climbing ropes, jumping over hurdles, scaling rope nets, and walking across balance beams. Some mud runs are just for fun, while others are competitive and offer prize money to the top finishers.

Preparing for a Mud Run

When preparing for your first mud run, it’s important to get geared up! Event organizers recommend wearing relatively tight-fitting clothes because loose clothing will slow you down. Costumes are also strongly encouraged. If you’re racing with a team, consider wearing the same theme.

Opt for snug sneakers that will become your “mud shoes.” Be aware that cleats and spiked shoes are not allowed. Sandals or other loose-fitting shoes will likely end up sacrificed to the mud gods, so avoid them.

Best Socks for Mud Runs

As for what socks to wear, it’s best to avoid cotton in favor of fast-drying, moisture-wicking fibers. If we may be so bold, we suggest trying Feetures premium socks. The anatomical design and seamless toe we use in every sock help prevent chafing and blisters, even when you’re knee-deep in mud.

We have a few options you may like, depending on your preferences.

Elite Socks

By far our most popular sock, the Elite line combines performance and style. You get the support, blister prevention, and moisture-wicking features you expect from an athletic sock with fun designs you want to show off at a mud run. Targeted, zone-specific compression provides a custom-like fit for the left and right foot. Give them a go, and you’ll never want to wear ordinary socks again!

Try Elite socks for men and women.

High Performance Socks

This collection is designed with comfort and durability in mind. The supportive, no-slip fit makes our High Performance socks ideal for long-distance running, hiking, or wading through the mud, earning them high praise from outdoor adventurers. Advanced iWick fiber technology helps keep your feet as comfortable as possible for the duration of your mud run.

Try High Performance socks for men and women.

Merino 10 Socks

The game-changing merino wool/TENCEL fiber blend available exclusively from Feetures is ideal for the demanding conditions of a muddy obstacle course. TENCEL is a sustainable tree-based fiber made through natural processes. It brings exceptional softness and stretch, with high-density knitting for maximum comfort and long-lasting durability.

Try Merino wool socks for men and women.

Washing Socks After a Mud Run

Rest assured that you can clean your soiled socks after a mud run for many more years of use. First of all, remember to bring a change of clothes and a bag to put your muddy outfit in after the mud run. When you get home, lay your clothes in the driveway and blast them with the garden hose. Even if you showered off before changing, you’ll be surprised at how much silt is still hiding in your clothes.

With most of the mud gone, it’s safe to run your clothes through the washing machine. When washing Feetures socks, first turn them inside out. This helps protect the fibers from the washer’s agitation. Stick with the gentle cycle using cold or warm water and mild detergent. Steer clear of bleach and fabric softener. Then, lay your socks flat to air-dry, which helps them last longer than tumble drying. If any soil lingers from the mud run, you may want to wash your socks twice.

Shop for the best socks for mud runs from Feetures, and you’ll quickly discover why we’re rated America’s number one socks. Thanks to our lifetime guarantee, you can try out a pair today risk-free!

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