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June Is National Great Outdoors Month

June Is National Great Outdoors Month

This month is National Great Outdoors Month. It provides an excellent reminder to explore America’s many wildlife refuges and national parks. Feetures is here to help you make the most of your outdoor adventures, no matter where your feet take you. Below are a few ways to traverse your favorite parks or discover new journeys.

Socks for Hiking

Hiking is a great and accessible way to explore beautiful outdoor spaces. It’s an activity that the young and old can participate in, and you can choose hikes that are appropriate for your skill level and time availability. Feetures offers a variety of women’s hiking socks, men’s hiking socks, and youth socks. With our custom-like fit and multiple cushion levels available, you’ll be able to hike for as long as you’d like without worrying about blisters or you hiking socks sliding down into your shoes.

Socks for Trail Running

For those more experienced with the outdoors, trail running is an excellent way to explore the terrain. To ensure the health of your feet, however, it’s essential to select the right socks. Choosing the best material is one of the most critical aspects of your trail running socks

Feeture’s Merino 10 socks are a unique blend of merino wool and TENCEL fibers. This blend keeps your feet dry and more comfortable. Our High Performance Sock collection has socks that provide excellent support with high-density cushioning to protect your feet no matter what the trail has in store for you. 

Socks for Mountain Biking

If you’re really adventurous, it’s time to hit the hills. Mountain biking is an exhilarating way to explore more technical terrain and is a great exercise. When you’re navigating a particularly tough trail, your feet are the last thing you want to be worried about. That’s why Feetures offers a range of both women’s and men’s cycling socks.

Get Outdoors With Feetures

No matter how you choose to celebrate National Great Outdoors Month, Feetures has the right pair of socks to support you (and your feet). Our collections each offer a variety of styles, heights, and colors to match your activity and taste while keeping your feet dry, comfortable, and protected. We’re confident once you try our socks, your feet will be ready for your next grand adventure!

If you’re not sure which pair to try on first, take our helpful sock finder quiz

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