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Why Wear Compression Socks for Running? Do They Work?

Why Wear Compression Socks for Running? Do They Work?

The more serious you get about running, the more challenges you run into and the more theories you hear about how to deal with those challenges. If you’re experiencing pain, cramping, or other uncomfortable symptoms in your legs during or after running, you may have also heard that wearing compression socks while running is one way to alleviate the discomfort. Will compression socks help with running? Let’s take a look at the claims and evidence so you can decide for yourself.

How Do Running Compression Socks Work?

Many people aren’t quite sure how compression socks work and therefore aren’t certain of what benefits they might bring to runners. Put simply, compression socks are made specifically to squeeze the leg tighter than normal socks in order to enhance blood circulation. They are typically longer than average crew socks, with knee-height being the most common option. The top contenders for running socks feature graduated compression, which is tightest around the ankle and gets looser with height.  

What Do Compression Socks Do for Runners?

Increased blood circulation is a positive in any situation, but how do running compression socks help during and after a run? Do compression socks help with leg cramps? Plentiful anecdotal evidence suggests that compression socks decrease painful symptoms like shin splints and muscle soreness. They may also shorten recovery time and reduce any inflammation accrued during running.

Will compression socks help with running? When it comes to hard scientific evidence, there’s not much consensus. While available evidence concludes that compression socks won’t help you run faster, there’s nothing to suggest that they can hurt your performance or cause adverse health effects. In combination with the scores of runners who swear by their compression socks and their benefits, it’s safe to say that running in compression socks can benefit those who are worried about swelling, cramps, and optimizing recovery.   

Find Your Ideal Running Socks at Feetures

If you’re ready to add compression socks to your running repertoire, don’t settle for anything less than the comfort and durability of Feetures. In addition to our everyday running socks, you can find relief and recovery socks with options that include the graduated compression you need to optimize blood flow during and after your workouts.

We believe everyone deserves socks that fit their needs and provide the ultimate fit day in and day out. If for any reason you need to return socks you’ve bought from us, we make it simple and convenient to do so. With Feetures, there’s no risk to answering the question “Should I wear compression socks when running?” by trying a pair for yourself.


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Jinnie Austin

  • Lembastone

    My dr makes me wear these things for physicals. I wear them voluntarily during other moments. I find that these socks are the best way to carry sticks of gum- no one will want to share with you (more for your mouth, honeyboy!!)

    These socks also help me during long distance running and cycling situations where blood packing is simply not convenient.

    Thanks IGA!!!

  • Compression Socks

    Compression socks are used as medical treatment. That is the reason that doctors recommend to Diabetes patients to use of compression socks. This is also a fashion statement but athletes wear compression socks to maintain their legs blood flow. Thanks for sharing!


    As far as I’m concerned they sure do work! I had a Neurosurgeon tell me that he wears knee high compression socks not only on long distant flights but, every single day when he’s at his hospital standing on his feet in the operating room.

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